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Middle of Everywhere Greatest Hits Vinyl

Middle of Everywhere Greatest Hits Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

The Middle of Everywhere Greatest Hits album is the first comprehensive collection, incorporating songs from the HANSON’s 6 major studio albums, as well as the new single “I Was Born”.

This product includes 26 HANSON songs on a triple vinyl and a digital download.
1    I Was Born
2    Mmmbop
3    Where's The Love
4    I Will Come To You
5    Weird
6    A Minute Without You
7    This Time Around
8    If Only
9    Save Me
10    A Song To Sing [live]
11    Penny And Me
12    Lost Without Each Other
13    Underneath
14    Strong Enough To Break
15    Broken Angel
16    Great Divide
17    Been There Before
18    Georgia
19    Go
20    Watch Over Me
21    Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
22    Give A Little
23    Juliet
24    Get The Girl Back
25    Fired Up
26    Already Home

The vinyls in this product are transparent orange.

*This is the same vinyl that was sold at Urban Outfitters.*

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