May 29, 2020 | HANSON

HANSON: Before You Burnout

This week has been all about the Continental Breakfast EP, and going from song ideas to finished recordings. Every creative project presents its own set of challenges and this year the biggest one might simply be length. There is a huge difference between recording five songs and recording seven, and it is more than simply getting them written, but being able to stay both productive and flexible when much of the music is being written and recorded with little or no pre-production or time to collect your thoughts.  We have deep love of recording this way, but it is an exercise driven by instinct, and you can only operate without a road map for so long before you simply burnout.    
Continental Breakfast (in Bed)
  • Dressed in Brown Eyes
  • Miss You Like Crazy
  • Everyday
  • All I Know
  • Good Days
  • Change
  • ???
If you have been checking the blog every day and watching the CBIB Sound Bites, you have heard clips and parts from almost every song, but it is still fun to look at the titles side by side and get a feel for the storyies and messages captured within.
We hope you have all been enjoying the HANSON Time Podcast. Yesterday we posted our fourth episode and this theme went back two decades to the 2.0 EP.  We love getting the community involved in each episode both in picking members from different parts of the globe to join us in a conversation on each episode, but also getting the full community to vote on themes.  We are going to be continuing to post new episodes every Thursday through June, with the themes you voted on that you'd like to hear, and by association the music you would like us to play.
For 20 years, has been about bringing people together all around the world. We won’t be on the road touring for some months, but we're gonna keep sharing all the creative projects we're building.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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Melissa Metzler
Calcium, New York, US

Thanks for the footage, hard work and updates! Looking forward to the finished product.



I am curious when the ep will be available and when the merchandise will be mailed that we ordered.



Jocelyn Harris
Lake Jackson, TX-Texas, US

So excited to hear these songs in their entirety! 



Thank you so much for all that you share with us. I feel honored to be a part of this community! I can’t wait to hear everything you’re creating! 



I can’t wait it’s getting excited



Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

I'll be so glad when it starts getting released. I'm so ready to hear all the finished songs!!! So excited!



Loving what you’re doing and the songs are sounding great! Super excited to get this EP in the mail. But don’t push yourselves to burnout. If you need a break take it. We’ll still love you just the same.



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

Beautiful music is lots of work. Yes, we are all excited for the new ep but, heck take time to recharge your batteries.  

We are not going anywhere, take a break (nap, coffee break, spend time with wives, kids, etc)




Ivy McCarty
Louisville, Kentucky, US

When we burn out, we just Begin Again ;)



Ivy McCarty
Louisville, Kentucky, US

In all seriousness, I hope things are going well. We didn't get a CBIB sound byte on Friday (and they have been progressively shorter and posted later).  Please take time to do what you need to keep the passion alive.



No need to burn the candle at both ends.  I'm capable of waiting (somewhat) patiently.  I know I'll be all smiles when the EP is all done and playing on repeat here in Wisconsin so, worries.   Thanks for all you do!



Can't wait! I love that you are doing this, sharing this with us during this time! This being my first year as a member, I have so many things yet to look at and listen to! Thank you for doing what you do!

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