Mar 26, 2020 | HANSON

On-Sale Is Coming

Over the past few weeks, we have heard from many members concerned about Back To The Island 2021, asking when it will be going on-sale. We want you to know we are listening and doing our very best to address members needs.
We have so many members who have come year after year and we would hate for them to lose their place in line because of things they cannot control. As a courtesy to the many members who live paycheck to paycheck, and may not be able to commit a large amount of money to a vacation in 2021, the BTTI 2021 on-sale is in a temporary holding pattern.  We expect to have much more to share in the coming weeks as the world begins to return to normal. That said if you like us are excited about BTTI 2021, this is a perfect time to start work on your beach body. More soon
Isaac, Taylor and Zac



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Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

I'm working on my beach body for BTTI 2022 cause don't think 2021 will happen for me unless I get a huge raise lol. But its in my mind and on my wish list lol I'm serious. 



Beach body...boy, you guys are hilarious! I'm pretty we're all gonna get hibernation bodies with all this stress :O Sadly, I think I'm like you, Kelli, I was really looking forward to going back for my second year, since they switched to the Jewel, but I think with all of this happening, we'll be skipping this year. :( HUGE BUMMER T_T



I wish some day I could celebrate with you!!!



Megan Kyle
Concord, NC, US

I'm shooting for Jamiaca since HDay was cancelled. It will be my first time going 



amber mcnaron
hamilton, oh, US

My fiancé, brittany and I are planning our first BTI for 2021. We’re very excited. 



is there a discussion thread for those who are looking for roommates for BTTI or first timers?

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