Jan 17, 2020 | HANSON

Store Closing and HDay Tickets

In preparation for the HANSON Day tickets sales, the HNet Store will close tonight at midnight CT and reopen tomorrow at 10am CT to begin selling HDay tickets.

To help you and your fellow members have a better buying experience, here are a few helpful hints.

  • Make sure you have RSVP'd for HANSON Day 2020 on the calendar page so you will be able to view the tickets
  • Check the HDay page so you may plan which tickets you will be trying to purchase
  • Remember, each member must login and purchase tickets under his/her own account and each member may only purchase one ticket for each event.
  • Refresh your web browser if you are not seeing the store at 10am CST.
  • Please log out of HANSON.net once you have placed your order to help reduce the amount of traffic on Hanson.net during the on sale period.

Note: Tickets for some events are limited.

Please note that the HDay page will close at approximately 9:45am CST to update and will reappear at 10am CST



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Jody Powell
Eunice, LA, US

So you're saying wait until 10:00 to start freaking out, right?


comfy clothes.....check
relaxation pills....check
bottle of wine.....check
typing finger exercises.....check
brown paper bag to breathe into.....check

In T minus 12 hours, let the buying frenzy begin!



Lori Colley
Overton, tx, US

Laptop ready

Coffee will be in hand

It’s like another case of Black Friday shopping! 



If I have the red box in the Calendar saying ATTENDING, it does mean I did RSVP right? (It kinda makes me want to click on it :/ )



Over an hour later and the site lets me in.... There HAS to be a better way guys!!!!!


Hello from Greece

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